The Holy Scrum

© Simeon Barnard – 19 February 2023

As you are reading this, a holy rugby match occurs. No, this is not the Currie Cup or even the World Cup, for that matter. This match is much more important. You see, the winner of this rugby match will have a lasting impact on not only the teams involved but also the referee and his friends and family.

rugbyDepending on the outcome, their lives could become a living hell or heaven on earth. This rugby match is unique because the time limit is unknown, so the game will continue for as long as it needs to. Sure, there are breaks where both teams bind their wounds and get advice from their coaches, but then it is right back to the action!

The field is not the typical one that you would expect. Instead of Loftus, this match is in the stadium called "Your Mind".

On one side of the field, we have the "Old Man" team, and on the other, we have the "New Man" team. The Old Man team are known for playing dirty. They often use underhanded or violent tactics. The New Man team is stronger, faster and better in every way. Unfortunately, they are often malnourished from a lack of food and water. The referee is responsible for that.

There is one thing you have to know about this rugby match: It's not fair.

Nor will it ever be. The stakes are simply too high.

It is an often-brutal match and is not always pleasant to watch. Yet, the game continues, and the referee is confronted daily with deciding whom to favour: The Old Man with all its lies, violence, hatred and foul language or the New Man who brings life, mercy, joy, peace, and most importantly, love.

So I ask you, Ref: What will it be? Whom will you favour today?