The Safe Place

© J. Francois Barnard - 22 July 2018

Who I am
only You will know
Who to be
I cannot see
Where to go
I cannot know

in the cleftSo...

What I do
Is to wait on You
What I see
Is Your Face, not me
Where I turn
Is where I discern

Your Spirit to guide me
Your Love to hide me
In the cleft of the stone
Where we can be alone

And know

That we are safe
That we are sound
That while You’re around
Your Love will abound.

[Editor: I stumbled upon this poem while browsing through my iPhone this morning. Usually, I write in the Notes section, but this one was hidden away in the Pages section I seldom open. It was jotted down without a title on any other information giving me a clue to its origins. The document date on my phone says I wrote it in the winter of 2018 - a tough time for our family, albeit I cannot recall the exact circumstances. But the content says I chose a safe place to stay.]