I was a soldier once

J. Francois Barnard – September 2016

I was a soldier once
Fighting for a cause
The sense of it all was so clear then
But now I have to pause

Nooit, Corporal!

J. Francois Barnard – October 2016

After my first year in the South African Army, I was well-versed in Army Lingo. My first language is Afrikaans. But having been in an English church since my tenth birthday, I could manage myself well in English, too. Add to that the Army Fanagalo and a little bit of an English accent, and you can even fool a hardened Red Neck from Bez Valley.

The Godless Recruit

J. Francois Barnard - 5 June 2002

It was January 1983, and I was a new arrival in the South African Army in Tempe, Bloemfontein. It was my first church parade, and I had no idea what such an event would entail. I was following orders like a good recruit should do.